I Have a Confession: Knee High Gladiator Sandals

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I know this trend has been around for a while (you know, like thousands of years), and honestly, I thought the style would die out last summer. But after a strong showing on the runways, it looks like the strappy sandal is not only here to stay, but they’re getting bigger, better, and taller! The knee high version of the sandal has moved from the arena and entered onto the streets of mainstream fashion.

In our current state of normcore, I know the general masses prefer that the look stay in the era of the ancient Romans. But it’s no secret that statement shoes are my jam, so naturally I’m all about this trend (especially this pair by Cynthia Vincent. Swoon.). Besides, who doesn't want shoes that make you feel like a badass warrior?

 Feeling like a warrior = Fashion Do.

What’s your take on the knee high gladiators? Will you rock them out this summer or should this trend be ancient history?

save / spend / splurge (my dream gladiators!)

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