Outfit Post: Wind Swept

Some days are ideal for an outfit shot. Saturday - the day I wore this dress to a wedding - was not one of those days. The forecast called for thunderstorms (which thankfully for the bride and groom held off), but the pre-storm winds came in full force.

We call this look "wind swept."

dress: zara
shoes: nordstrom rack (similar here)
necklace: h&m  (similar here)


Outfit Post: Belle Isle Picnic

The best part of a picnic-on-Belle-Isle-outfit-post is that you actually get to have a picnic on Belle Isle. Basically it was my sly way of conning the hubby into a romantic date. Win win. (Totally unrelated, but I think my next "outfit post" will involve dinner, drinks, and dancing...)

But the joke was on me. After expressing zero interest in having an actual picnic, B surprised me with a car full of picnic supplies: wine, sunflowers, snacks, and a cozy blanket. He's a keeper.

And to make these photos even more adorable, I stole a second dog (Stole. Dog sat. Same thing). Because the only thing cuter than a waterfront picnic with a puppy, is a waterfront picnic with two puppies.

The things you didn’t see in this post? The swarms of bugs (including the dreaded fish flies), one dog peeing on my purse, and another dog rolling in poop.

This is real life, people. Romance at its finest.

striped top: h&m (similar here)
sweater: h&m (similar here)
shorts: j.crew
sunglasses: ray ban
rings: forever21 and h&m
blanket: nest detroit


Currently Coveting: Summer Wishlist

one: colorful bikini / two: pink camera / three: tortoise sunglasses / four: the perfect summer dress / five: striped espadrilles / six: lilac nail polish / seven: fun beach blanket / eight: leather market tote


Summer To Do List

With tomorrow marking the official first day of summer (congrats, we made it!), I’m throwing down my “to do” list for the season. Get ready for some good times ahead.

1. Sleep under the stars.
2. Have fancy outdoor dinner parties.
3. Go to concerts. Eat lots of ice cream.
4. Embrace messy hair and no makeup.
5. Pooltime.
6. Find a quiet beach and just BE.
7. Go sailing.
8. Enjoy the sunset.
9. Have lots of outdoor picnics.

What’s on your to do list for the summer?


Outfit Post: A Coveted Celebration

Last week, after attending the media preview of the new Willys Detroit store, I called my sister.

Not to brag about the fact that I’m now being invited to media preview events at super cool stores in Detroit (which I also did), but to squeal (like a little girl) that the store is not only carrying LA designer Clare Vivier, but it is also carrying the exact leopard print calf hair clutch that I’ve pinned, poached, hukk’d, and basically tracked in every imaginable way for years. Followed by more squealing.

She immediately said, “so, you’re going to buy it, right?”

Buy it?? No way.

I came up with every excuse possible.

I’m on a budget. It’s too expensive. I don’t need another bag. I have too much leopard print (as if that’s possible). I should sleep on it.

But I was in denial.

Even though I couldn’t admit it out loud, I knew that clutch was coming home with me. And my sister knew it too, calling me out for picking out an outfit that perfectly complimented a bag I didn’t yet own. Funny how that happens.

And sure enough, my sister was right. With the encouragement of the lovely staff at Willys (and two complimentary Drought Juice cocktails later), that bag was mine.

In spite of having an incredible ability to be practical, I have an even more incredible ability to justify just about anything.

I’ve wanted this bag forever. It goes with anything (leopard is obviously a neutral). It matches my outfit (fate, right?). I get to buy it locally. It supports Detroit retail.

But the biggest reason I could justify the bag?

A clean scan.

Because after 2 cancer diagnosis in 1 year, you just don’t need to justify celebrating with the perfect little leopard print clutch that I've forever loved.

So even though I’m on a budget and it’s too expensive and I don’t need another bag and I have too much leopard print and I should sleep on it, none of that matters when it comes to love and celebrating.

Or so I'm justifying.

dress: h&m
vest: tj maxx (similar here)
shoes: c/o cynthia vincent


Willys Detroit

There’s a new retail shop in town and it is good. Really good.

Thanks to Shinola’s sister store - Willys Detroit - shopping in Detroit just got a whole lot better. Consisting of clothing, accessories, home goods, and apothecary items, the multi-brand shop houses four anchor brands - Filson, Steven Alan, Clare V., and Mollusk - as well as features a series of rotating American made items from brands across the country.

Like the retail space, the craftsmanship of the items are beautiful in their simplicity. From buttery leather totes to perfectly worn t-shirts, I’d imagine most of the pieces will look just as good (if not better) after years of wear. While the store offers a variety of price points, the majority of the items are luxury pieces worthy of the investment.

I've already started a mental wish list (basically the entire store) and may or may not have already pulled the trigger on one amazing piece (which will be styled in my next post). I couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome Willys to the neighborhood, but I have serious concerns about how this store is going to effect my household budget…

Check out the new kid on the block Mon-Fri: 10am-7pm, Saturdays: 10am-6pm, and Sundays: 11am-5pm.

Have you had the chance to check out Willys Detroit? What's your take on the shop?


Be Awesome


On Wednesday I had my 18 month cancer scan. As you can imagine, the anticipation, the actual scan, and the waiting for the results is a stressful situation. So I decided to give myself permission to take the day off from blogging and just BE. Instead I spent the day napping, watching terrible tv, and organizing my books. Sometimes you just need a day to organize your books.

Our regularly scheduled programming will be back on Monday. Enjoy your weekend!


{Not} Born To Run

I am not a runner. In fact, despite being incredibly active when I was younger, I am now incredibly lazy. Like too-lazy-to get-ice-cream-from-the-freezer, lazy. I blame working from home. Or maybe just getting older. But if I didn’t have a dog that needed to be walked three times a day, I’m not sure I’d leave the house at all.

So to my own surprise, in an act of extraordinary motivation, I signed up for a half marathon.

I have no idea what I was thinking.

That's not true. I was probably in my sweatpants, with a carton of ice cream in one hand and my laptop in the other, watching one too many motivational TED Talks. I was probably thinking, if that blind lady with no arms and no legs can overcome that incredible feat, I can most certainly run a measly 13 miles.

What can I say? I'm a sucker for 20 minute increments of inspiration.

What I'm not a sucker for? Running. (You can see my dilemma).

But I've committed. And with that commitment comes the responsibility to follow through. That commitment also brings cute running outfits. And let’s be real people. One of the biggest motivations for working out is the outfit. I mean, the added benefits of getting in killer shape and strengthening my heart, lungs, and muscles help too. But when I lack the impulse to get up and run, it’s the cute outfit that gives me that extra push out the door.

So for the next 14 weeks I'll be following this training plan to get my ass in shape and cross that finish line. And regardless of how long it takes, you can count on one thing: I'm going to look good doing it.

Now if someone can just make sure there's a pint of ice cream at that finish line...

Running in Style

It's all about balance, right??


Outfit Post: Hometown Tourist

Minus the traffic (which ruins my patience) and humidity (which ruins my hair), I love heading down South to my hometown in Virginia. I get to relax, hang out with old friends and family, and fall back into my childhood routine - even if just for a couple days.

One of the best parts about visiting home is heading across the river to DC and playing tourist for a day. I make sure to visit some of my familiar standbys (museums, the gardens, memorials), but even with regular trips, it still amazes me how much the city is constantly evolving. And even though I'm excited to check out the newest shops and restaurants, change is hard.

So DC, don't evolve too much. I like my childhood familiarity. 

boyfriend button down: gap
floral shorts: j.crew factory (similar here)
bag: jcpenny
sandals: forever21 (similar here)
watch: asos
sunglasses: ray ban


Currently Coveting: Moroccan Decor

Ever since I returned from Morocco, I’ve been a little obsessed with adding moroccan details to my normally neutral space (both indoor and outdoor). From the vibrant colors to the textured textiles, this North African style evokes a home of both warmth and casual ease.

And since the Moroccan trend is all the rage right now, you can get the same well traveled look without actually stepping foot into the souks of Marrakech (although if you're not fighting your way through the hot and crowded souks and bargaining for your perfect pouf, you're missing half the fun).