I Have a Confession: Culotte Craze

It was only a matter of time.

I’d seen a pair pop up here or there: in a random high fashion magazine spread; on a celebrity during Fashion Week; in an over the top street style post. But I feared the inevitable day that this item would hop out of the pages of Vogue and be released onto the streets, becoming a full fledge “trend.”

That time has come.

Culottes are back.

The idea of a culotte isn't so terrible. There are certainly more atrocious trends out there. And with the popularity of the midi skirt on the rise, it seemed unavoidable that this sorta pant/sorta short/sorta skirt would gain attraction.

But me? I have a personal aversion to culottes. For four years of my life, I was forced to wear one every single day of my Catholic school experience. Gone were the days of the “Hit me Baby One More Time” school girl skirts (the girls ahead of me ruined that by hemming their skirts a little too short) and in were the days of the overly modest and conservative (and cannot be hemmed beyond a certain length) culotte.

I graduated vowing never to wear a culotte again.

But here they are. Back in style. And I'm not going to lie, I'm tempted to give the trend a second chance. Despite the fact that they are totally unflattering on most (we're talking about wide leg, cropped pants, people), there is a certain element of cool that comes with wearing them. Basically, they're the ridiculously comfortable tomboy cousin of the midi skirt. And they have the ability to highlight a killer pair of shoes. Win, win in my book.

So if you see me on the streets attempting to rock a pair, don't judge. After all, I like a challenge.

Just don't tell my high school self.

What do you guys think of the trend? Seriously bad or high fashion cool?

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