Shop Your Closet: Stylish Halloween Costumes

Always choosing the DIY route over store bought, I'm a big believer in getting creative with your Halloween costumes. I'm also a believer of not spending a ton of money on a costume you'll wear once. It's amazing how many fantastic ideas you can create with a little vision and some digging through your closet.

So for all you fashionable procrastinators out there, I've come up with three incredibly easy "high fashion" Halloween costume ideas that can be replicated with very little effort and even less money. Trick or treat!

Leandra Medine (aka The Man Repeller)
What You’ll Need: Every on trend item in your closet. Just pile on high fashion trends, accessories and layers. Be sure to mix prints and patterns. More is more.

Anna Wintour
What You’ll Need: Ladylike outfit, oversized sunglasses, and a bob wig. Don't smile and spend the evening judging everyone else's outfits.

Karl Lagerfeld
What You’ll Need: Lots of black (preferably in a luxe material like velvet), fingerless gloves. sunglasses, and jewelry. And don’t forget Choupette the cat.

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