Currently Coveting: Alexander Wang x H&M

We’ve been teased and tormented for months. A celebrity preview here, an Instagram photo there. Meanwhile, we waited. And waited. And waited.

But the time has come. This week, the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration will finally launch.

Full of black, black, and more black (oh, and a lot of logos), the collaboration won't appeal to everyone. Ranging from $10 up to $350 dollars, the athletic inspired collection is made of quality materials, but may be out of reach for the average H&M customer (I'm loving this sweater and this dress, but at $150 a piece, it's highly unlikely I'll be purchasing either). 

Overall, the collection seems pretty pricey for the everyday woman who isn’t running around dressed like she’s getting ready for a fight in the ring. Even as someone who loves athletic inspired clothing, Alexander Wang, and H&M, I'm not willing to shell out the cash for the majority of the pieces. Personally, I think the real gems are the actual athletic pieces (like this sports bra and these sick leggings), which I would rock on a run or in yoga class.

I'm digging the sporty vibe, but I'm missing the understated, model-off-duty, cool Wang is known for. What are your thoughts on the collaboration? Home run or did the designer miss the mark?

Check out the full collection online and in stores on November 6th.

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