NYFW Fall 2015 Street Style

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Last week I posted on Facebook this short documentary on the culture of street style, particularly during fashion week. With the recent explosion of fashion bloggers and average person-turned-reality star, fashion week street style has become a little circus-like, with more of a focus on being noticed (at any cost) than on showcasing one's individual style.

But honestly, I'm not mad about it. Like most things related to fashion week, these extreme styles trickle down to the real world in a more relatable way.

To me, it encourages the rest of us "normal" people to push ourselves in our personal style. To really think of accessories making an outfit, not just complementing an outfit. It encourages us to think about each item in our closet in a unique way and to style it in a way we wouldn't normally.

Unlike the runway shows during fashion week, which aren't attainable to most, street style is a way for all of us to relate to fashion week. It's a way to see how real women - not just models - wear and style their clothes. Outrageous street style encourages us to embrace individuality and think outside our fashion box.

To me, no matter how insane the fashions become during fashion week, that encouragement is a good thing.

And because we still have months left of cold weather, here are some of my favorite trends from the streets of New York to keep you inspired for the rest of the winter:

Fur: The most prevalent trend this year was definitely fur. With snow and single digit temps in New York, this is not surprising. Whether faux or vintage, fur is a great way to make a statement while staying warm.
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Black and White: Honestly, it's hard to go wrong in black and white. Take note from these stylish women on how to look sophisticated, chic, and modern without going to high fashion extremes. 
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Colorful Combos: I feel like most people rely on all black during the colder months (myself included). Looking at these women inspires me to incorporate some spring colors into my winter wardrobe.
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All In the Details: If it's the details that make an outfit, these women have got it down. I love how most of these outfits are pretty basic, relying on the accessories (whether it's a statement making cape or lace gloves) to take it up a notch.
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Which street style trends are you loving? Any you will incorporate into your own personal style?

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