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"I think the idea of a flowery romper seems childish but I really want to able to wear this trend. Is there a gateway outfit to help get me there?" - Emily

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Rompers can be tough. They aren't a trend that everyone is comfortable wearing and the reality is, it can be difficult to wear them without feeling overly childish (especially in a flowery print). And unless you have a perfectly proportioned body (which most of us don't), it can be a process to find the right fit.

With that being said, there are a ton of different styles out there - from super feminine to ultra chic - and when you do find the right one, they are a fun, effortless way of dressing. The good news? There are a ton of affordable options out there right now, so you can experiment with the trend and see if it's right for you, without investing a ton of money.

In order to ease your romper search, I've provided a few tips to help you find the perfect one:

1. All rompers are not created equal. Try on lots of options. Different sleeve lengths, inseams, and cuts. Find the right one for your body.
2. Make sure it's not too short. Move. Bend over (I'm serious). Lift up your arms in the dressing room (trust me). If any hint of cheek shows, put it back. 
3. Also, make sure it's not too tight. Rompers should be effortless and breezy. Size up and belt it if necessary. When it comes to rompers, slightly too big is better than slightly too small. 
4. Know your style. Are you more bohemian? Find a great print and wear it casually with some flats. More classic? Find a solid color and wear it with heels. 
5. Treat it like a LBD. Look for a more sophisticated style (I'd suggest starting off with a solid, like black, for the most ease and wearability) and wear it as an alternative to a little black dress. This is a great way to wear the trend in a more sophisticated way.
6. Be careful of overly complicated buttons, zippers, and closures. Remember, you have to get in and out of this thing every time you use the bathroom. Keep that in mind before you buy!
7. And finally: Fake it 'til you make it. Can't find the perfect romper? Fake it! Find a great pair of shorts and matching top for the same monochromatic look, without all the hassle. It's the perfect gateway romper look-alike outfit. 

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