Girl Boss

After years of contemplating - and jobs in everything from marketing to child care to real estate to retail to online media - I am beyond ecstatic to officially call myself an Entrepreneur (with a capital "E")! For the past 6 months (and years more of daydreaming), I have been working on the launch of my own personal styling business.

This is something I have been planning, in a way, since I was a teenager. When I was younger, I used to make extra money cleaning out and organizing my mom's closet. Even before I really cultivated my love for fashion, I knew I had a knack for details and organization. I was able to embrace and utilize my type A personality on my mom's very non-type A closet. At the time, I didn't always know what was trendy or "in" but I knew what items worked and what didn't. I soon moved on to my sister's and friend's closets as well.

Then my fashion obsession began. I devoured the magazines (and even made my own). I watched all the runway shows. I taped episodes of What Not To Wear to learn how to better dress all women, not just myself. Somewhere in the last ten years I went from a type A tomboy to a type A tomboy who was obsessed with fashion.

My closet organizations then started including personal shopping trips and styling.

Every time I would finish my mom's closet, she would sit me down and tell me I should make this into a business. It took me 15 years to finally listen. To finally realize something I was good at, and really loved, could be a sustainable business.

I'm excited to build a career that allows me to help build confidence in women, be creative, continue in the fashion industry, and be my own girl boss. Mostly I'm excited to empower women to find their own unique style that represents who they are; the individual style they want to present to the world.

I'll be launching my website very soon with all the dirty details, but stay in the loop by signing up for my newsletter! This will be a place where I will share styling insights, organizational tips, and answers to all of your questions. You'll also be the first to find out about any promotions and special deals (score!).

Thanks for following along and stay tuned! (And don't forget to sign up here.)

photos by Marissa Gawel

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