Closet Q&A: One Dress, Multiple Looks

"With wedding season here, how do you pull off wearing only one dress to all the events? Social media almost compels you to have something new for every special occasion. If you are on a budget, and have a dress you love how do you make it appear different for each event? Just in case the paparazzi are lurking..." - Katie

This is such common question! Not just with wedding season, but with our entire wardrobe. How do we maximize what we own and wear an item multiple ways? For a dress - especially when it comes to re-wearing the same dress for separate special occasions - it's all about the accessories. Changing the shoes, adding a jacket, belting the waist, switching up the jewelry. All of these can give you distinct looks with the same base layer.

In the examples above, I've shown how different a little black dress (which most of us have in our closet) can look simply by switching up the accessories. And below, I've taken the same LBD and created four distinct looks depending on the formality of the wedding. The same guidelines apply to any of your favorite dresses in your closet. This way, no matter how much the paparazzi follow you, you will always have a new and fresh look.

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