Organize Your Closet for Fall

With each new season, before even thinking about purchasing new clothes (or at least pulling the trigger and actually buying new pieces), I like to make sure my closet is organized and ready for the months ahead. 

After living in breezy dresses and cut-offs all summer, I can’t wait to put on cozy layers and textured pieces. But it’s easy to get so caught up in all the new fall fashion, that you forget about all the great outfits you already own. Now is an excellent time to sort through your current wardrobe and take inventory what you already own. It’s also a great time to get organized so that you are able to fully take advantage of everything in your closet. The more organized you are, the more you can see what you own. The more you can see what you own, the more you can utilize your entire closet. In order to do that, here are my tips for a completely organized closet: 

1. Remove everything. Everything. Clothes, hangers, accessories, and dust bunnies. Go through each item, piece by piece. Be honest with yourself. Think about why you like the items you wear the majority of the time and be honest with the items you don't. Only keep articles that you love, that fit, and are in good condition. 

2. Stop shopping (mostly). At least don’t shop for the sake of shopping. Really think about what pieces would enhance your wardrobe. Make a list. Save up for quality items. Invest in those and avoid the temptations of fast fashion. Don’t buy clothes just because they are on sale! For me, this means less frequent trips to TJ Maxx and Target (we all know I don't have to buy my toilet paper and wine at Target). 

3. Keep a “Donate” bin on hand. This will encourage you to constantly think about what should stay and what should go. It will remind you to wear what you have or let it go. If you are really determined to keep a streamlined wardrobe, follow the "one in/one out" rule: anytime you bring a new item in, add an old item to the donate bin. This will make you evaluate every single purchase and avoid impulse purchases (see tip 2). 

4. Invest in the right products for your space that will help you stay organized throughout the season. Here are some of my personal favorites: 

Slim velvet hangers. They maximize space, keep delicate tops from slipping, and keep your closet looking streamlined.
A foldable clothing rack. So much better than piling your entire closet on your bed, plus it helps for weekly outfit planning, packing for getaways, and regular inventory. In my dream world, mine would be gold.
Jewelry organizer. When thinking about your closet, don’t forget your jewelry. I prefer to display my jewelry like art, but feel free to get creative with your storage like this glass egg crate, vintage dishes, acrylic containers, or even a paper towel holder for some cool DIY storage options. 
Dividers for clutches and sweaters. I keep my purses and sweaters piled on shelves in my closet. They are also the first things to end up in a pile on my floor. These dividers keep them neat and orderly and and off the floor. 
Storage Bins for all your extra clutter. Flip flops, beat up work out shoes, etc. Not everything in our closet is display worthy. Find some storage bins with personality to hide all your not-so-pretty basics.

5. Call in Help. If the thought of organizing your closet overwhelms you, call in someone who can help. Whether it’s a trusted friend who will be honest with you or a personal stylist, have someone who can help you determine what pieces fit, what pieces need to go, and how you can maximize your closet space.

Want some more tips to stay organized? Check out this past post.

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