Stylist Series: Why Do You Need a Personal Stylist?

Earlier this month I was asked by fellow Detroit fashion blogger, Jordan of Lil Miss JB Style, to participate in a stylist series to help answer some common questions about being a stylist. If you've ever wondered what we do with our clients or why you should hire a stylist, this is the series for you. Check out my answers below.

1. What do you consider is your job as a stylist?

My main job is to inspire confidence and empower my clients by helping them to find a personal style that resonates with their tastes and lifestyle. I’m part organizer, part shopper, part stylist and some days, part therapist. It can be a very vulnerable experience for clients to allow someone into her closet—lots of emotions can emerge in that process. My job is to approach each client with kindness and a judge free attitude as we figure out what fits - and doesn’t fit - with one’s current stage of life, body type, and style aspirations. I also try and take an experience that can be stressful and make it fun and liberating.

2. Do you think that everyone should have or consult a personal stylist at least once in their life, why or why not?


Even if you are confident in your style and your wardrobe, I think everyone can benefit from having an outsider come in and mix things up. Most of us tend to wear only a small percentage of our wardrobe the majority of the time. Having a different perspective is a great way to see all the creative ways to wear your wardrobe.

It is invaluable to have an expert come in and show you the best shapes for your body type and what fits and what doesn’t fit (and why!). Even if you only hire a personal stylist once, you will learn tips that will forever change the way you shop and style yourself. Stylists provide an objective view based on your goals and your situation. Personal style is something you do everyday! So, having a coach from time to time is a great idea to help women feel and look their best!

3. How do people benefit from having a personal stylist over using sites like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club?

I definitely get the appeal of companies like Stitch Fix and Trunk Club. As someone who loves getting mail, there is something so exciting about surprise packages full of clothes showing up on your doorstep. I get it. But I have also spent a lot of money on impulse buys, poor quality trend items, and pieces that don’t seamlessly fit in with my style or wardrobe. These companies rely on trends and the adrenaline rush you feel over those new pieces, pushing you to keep something you might not really need or want. 

With style, I believe in a less is more approach. Quality pieces that fit who you are instead of the latest and greatest across the web. It starts by investing in a wardrobe that you really love and really fits. It takes thoughtfulness and time. With a personal stylist, you not only maximize your current wardrobe but you add quality pieces that really match your individual style, as well as receive the support of an expert to help you figure out what fits your specific body type. To me, it's worth the investment.

4. What do you think is the biggest misconception about personal stylists?

There are so many! First, as a potential client, that you have to love fashion or be up on what's trendy to benefit. Or that you have to be rich or a celebrity to hire one. Or that your stylist is solely a personal shopper trying to push you to spend a lot of money.

The majority of my clients are busy moms and professional women on a budget. They are more interested in feeling confident in their style than being up on the latest trends. My job is to help you hone in on your unique style and build confidence. Before I work with any client, we discuss our expectations - that includes budget and priorities. It’s a process that anyone can benefit from.

5. How does the everyday woman or man benefit from having a personal stylist?

The biggest benefit is to eliminate the stress associated with how your clothes look and feel while getting dressed every day. To avoid waking up, staring in your closet full of clothes, and thinking “I have nothing to wear!” Each client is different, but those benefits include sorting through and organizing your current closet, learning to shop smarter (or if you hate shopping, have me do it for you!), and learning how to style your clothes to maximize your entire wardrobe. Having a personal stylist is about empowering yourself to own what you wear instead of just wearing what you own. And everyone can benefit from that.

Want to hear what other local stylists had to say? Head on over to Lil Miss JB Style. And thanks Jordan for starting this conversation and for fellow stylists The Closet Fashion Fix, Beauty and the Muse, and Color and Grace for participating!

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