Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Street Style


Fashion Month has officially begun with Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. But as much as I love a month of fashion shows and stellar street style, I will not be able to follow along as thoroughly as I usually do. This year - mid fashion month - I am escaping town with B for a little getaway and plan on being without my computer (and hopefully, internet - but don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll manage to document my travels on Instagram).

Until then, I’m getting all my fix on the couture shows. And equally important, the street style. And there is no better street style than Paris. And more specifically, the street style for the Paris Haute Couture fashion shows.

While some kept it minimal, most leaned towards the extreme during this week. Check it out and let me know your favorite looks!

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Third Piece Rule

One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked by my clients is "how do I take my style from 'basic' to 'bold'?" And while there are a lot of options (like spending an outrageous amount of money on some incredible designer piece), there's a super simple solution that can be found in your closet.

It's called the "Third Piece Rule."

Some of you may be aware of this rule already. Others may follow this rule without actually being aware that you follow it.

And it's as easy as this: If you have on a top (piece one) and bottom (piece two), add a a third piece. That's it. This third piece can be anything from a vest (my personal favorite), to a jacket or sweater, or even accessories like a statement necklace, oversized scarf, or hat.

The addition of a third piece (or even a fourth or fifth piece) helps an outfit pop. It helps give dimension to your look. It adds visual interest. All good things when you are trying to elevate your look.

So next time you're getting dressed and feel like you could use a little extra "style" in your basic outfit, remember the third piece rule.

Utilizing a vest to add impact to an outfit.

A great blazer or jacket can take your outfit up a notch.

Don't forget accessories - even a great statement necklace can elevate your look!

Do you follow the third piece rule?


On Wednesdays We Wear Pink

Part of the reason I love going back home to Virginia is because my wardrobe triples in size. Between my mom and my sister (who was too preggers to fit into most of her clothes), I get to play dress up in two additional closets. And since I regularly help both of them shop, they obviously have some pretty great pieces in their wardrobes.

Like this hot pink coat.

You may remember this coat from last year - which has been so popular, over a year later and it's still being repinned on Pinterest multiple times a day. To say I love this coat is an understatement. There is just something so joyful about a ridiculously bright coat in the depths of the winter.

And since Detroit is way colder than Virginia and in desperate need of a little brightness, I'm hoping my sister will give in and just give me the coat. After all, I did pick it out.

coat: thrifted j.crew and borrowed from my sister (similar)
sweater: borrowed from my mom
pants: thrifted (similar)
belt: asos (similar)
bag: tj maxx (similar)
scarf: nordstrom (similar)
watch: shinola


Hometown Tourist

I've lived in Detroit for the last ten years, but I spent the first two-thirds of my life in a suburb of DC (Reston, VA represent!). Growing up so close to the city, I was always asked if I spent my weekends going to museums and touring all the amenities DC has to offer. But unless it was for a school project or a friend came into town to visit, I rarely took advantage of living so close to the city. I guess the fact that DC was always readily available meant it was never a priority.

But as an adult, one of my favorite things to do when I go back is to explore all the spots I didn't fully appreciate while I was living there. All the places I felt dragged to as a kid - the museums, the monuments, even the mall - I'm now able to enjoy in a way I never could as a kid.

Maybe that comes with growing up. Or maybe absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Either way, I'm excited to keep exploring.

dress: borrowed from my mom (similar)
coat: thrifted (similar)
belt: loft (similar)
boots: j.crew (similar)
watch: shinola
scarf: nordstrom (similar)


New Year

Sorry for the lack of posting, but I've been spending time in Virginia for the holidays. My sister is 9 months pregnant (yay!) so I'm camped out here until my little nephew decides to make an appearance. Like his aunt, he's fashionably late.

While we wait for the little guy to arrive, I'm enjoying my time playing games, wasting zero time on hair and makeup, and basking in random 70 degree days.

Happy 2016 everyone!

sweater: zara (similar)
tank: target
denim: similar
boots: j.crew (similar)
necklace: stella and dot