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Last week I had the pleasure of co-hosting a styling event with fellow blogger, Andrea of Blonde Bedhead at the 4th Street Boutique in downtown Rochester (for all you local Michigan girls). The store - and the owner, Donna - could not be any more adorable. Complete with everything from casual summer clothes to cocktail dresses to gift items, 4th Street is a one stop shop for all your style needs. And if you're like me and are into ethical shopping, the boutique has an abundance of American made brands as well.

I had a blast with Andrea (who after lots of internet stalking, I was stoked to finally meet in person) and consumed an abundance of macaroons (because no good fashion party is complete without a tower of macaroons), and after lots of mingling, the event concluded with Andrea and I in the hot seat for a little rapid fire Q&A action.

And since I regularly get asked similar questions, I thought I'd share some of my answers with all of you who were unable to attend the event:

How difficult is it to start up a website? Setting up a website is easier than ever now. There are so many free templates, I'd suggest starting there. Some might disagree, but I wouldn't invest a ton of money in a website upfront. Figure out your groove first.
Do you own the clothes you photograph? Yep, all the clothes I photograph are my own. Occasionally, I am lucky enough to collaborate with a store or brand (like 4th Street), where I will be gifted an item. But I am extremely selective and only collaborate with items I believe in. The vast majority of my clothes are purchased myself.
Do you have any hard rules you follow for styling? For example, "No white before labor day?" Nope. I think style is so individual, I hate the idea of saying "never wear ____." I might hate a trend, but that doesn't mean it won't work for someone else.
What era is hot right now? As Andrea said, 90s are super hot right now - chockers and mom denim. But I will always love the 70s.
Boutique or department store? Boutique for sure. It's where you can find more unique items. Plus, I always prefer supporting a small business over a chain. But that being said, as a stylist, I depend on department stores for quick one shop stops for my clients. So I believe both have a place in the industry.
What are some essential style pieces? A great pair of denim - whatever style suits you best. And statement shoes - heels, flats, whatever - choose a pair that will elevate a basic look.
What is your style in one word? Inconsistent.
Do you re-wear outfits? For sure. I try and mix it up for the blog, but my real life is full of repeats.
Heels or flats? Both. I like to be a little bit more unexpected and wear heels with ripped jeans and a tee and wear flats with an evening dress.
Favorite basics? Denim, denim, and more denim. Also, I throw on a blazer over everything.
How do you add color when you are not used to wearing it? In your shoes or accessories. Let the color pop against a neutral outfit to make an impact, yet still feel comfortable.

Thanks again to 4th Street Boutique for hosting such an awesome event and to everyone who came out! Definitely check out the store if you are in Metro Detroit. And thanks to Andrea for taking these killer outfit shots at the event.

And if you guys ever have any more style questions for me, ask away. I'm always here to share.

With Andrea of Blonde Bedhead (left) and Donna, owner of 4th Street Boutique (center)

earrings: c/o 4th street boutique
sandals: banana republic

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