Bruce Weber for Shinola

Bruce Weber via Shinola
 It’s rare that my two loves - Fashion and Detroit - collide in such a perfect and beautiful way. Fashion photographer Bruce Weber teamed up with the Detroit manufacturing superstar Shinola to - in the words of the fine folks at Shinola - "explore the beauty of manufacturing, while capturing the spirit of Detroit.”

What resulted is a beautiful campaign filled with real Detroiters (alongside All-American supermodel Carolyn Murphy) showcasing the spirit of the city we love. Not unlike Shinola's craftsmanship, Weber's photographs prove that beauty really is in the details.

Definitely check out the full article from Shinola and also this piece from Vogue.

Bruce Weber via Shinola

If Weber's name sounds familiar to Detroit, he first captured the Motor City in 2006 in an incredible spread for W Magazine with the iconic Kate Moss as his muse (Check out the Model D article). To say I am a fan of Weber's work is an understatement - that copy of W sat on my coffee table for years before finally getting moved to a more permanent spot on my bookshelf.

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