Currently Coveting: Kate Moss x Topshop

 My fashionably obsessed friends. Today is the day.

After a four year hiatus from collaborating with Topshop, supermodel, mega style icon, and ultimate badass, Kate Moss is back with her newest collection for the brand. Taking obvious inspiration from her own life, the collection is a mixture of music festival staples and glamorous evening pieces with a 70s rocker vibe.

Fringe, metallics, and jumpsuits - oh my!

I've got my eye on this LBR (little black romper) and gold fringe flapper dress, but would love to add any of the below items to my wardrobe:

Cocktail Chic
Evening Glam
Boho Rocker
Scope out the full collection online and if you're hoping to score any of the pieces, check out Nordstrom, Topshop, and Net-a-porter (but hurry, the pieces are sure to sell quickly!).


Outfit Post: April Showers

I hope what they say is right and that April showers bring May flowers, because I've had about all the precipitation I can handle this year. Bring on the flowers and sunshine and roof top soirées, May.

(These photos were taken on a recent trip to Virginia, where at least it was warm enough to rock some faux leather shorts with my wellies. I also may or may not have dragged B out in the pouring rain to trespass on a private beach in order to get these shots. Being a fashion blogger is dangerous business...)

striped shirt: h&m
chambray shirt: thrifted (similar here)
vest: tj maxx (similar here)
faux leather shorts: similar here
wellies: hunter
necklace: baublebar


Best of Etsy: Spring Edition

I love Etsy. It's like an online treasure hunt of goodies.

Need a gift? Something for the house? A new pair of earrings? Etsy is always there to save the day (or night), 24/7.

And best of all? I don't have to leave my couch. Or even get dressed. It's basically the online haven for the lazy flea market lovers of the world (me).

So sit back, relax (don't bother changing out of your sweats), and check out my fav items I'm coveting this spring.
Best of Etsy
1. Bohemian Camera Strap: I'm a fashion blogger. My camera is constantly with me. It obviously needs to look fashionable.
2. Stripes Bow Tie Dog Collar: I like to dress my dog up. Not in silly outfits (well, not usually in silly outfits). My dog is classy and this striped bow tie is perfect for classy warm weather events. Preferably on a boat. 
3. Mid Century Modern Wall Sconce: To say I'm obsessed with this wall sconce is an understatement. I didn't even know I needed wall sconces until I saw this one. Now the wall above my bed seems so bare...
4. Ombre iPhone Case: iPhones are a blogger's most important accessory. Of course we need multiple cases depending on our outfit. Right??
5. Gold Twig Ring: Earthy and simple. This ring is the perfect wear-with-anything accessory.
6. Leather Bike Growler Cozy: All I want to do is ride my bike all over the city and have picnics. How else can I transport my microbrew?
7. Yellow Hammock Chair: Can I please spend the afternoon daydreaming and getting lost in a novel in this hammock chair? Keep it on the porch in the summer and move it inside during the winter months.
8. Canvas Messenger Bag: I'm not in school anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't need a messenger bag for those days when I have to haul my laptop and books to a coffee shop. I particularly love the Moroccan details on this one.


Outfit Post: Stripes and Boyfriends

I used to be a huge tomboy. And because my free time involved being active, my wardrobe consisted of oversized tees and athletic wear. I shopped at outdoor and sporting stores for items that were more about comfort and less about style.

But slowly I started to trade in my cleats for stilettos and left the athletic stores behind, never looking back.

Until now.

Recently, I was wandering around downtown with some girlfriends and although I've being disappointed with the lack of retail in the Central Business District in the past, we decided to check out Moosejaw, conveniently located between the new Starbucks and Tigers Stadium.

When I think of a store like Moosejaw, I don't typically think of striped tees and adorable sundresses. But I was pleasantly surprised by the selection of lifestyle clothing they stocked (in addition to their usual cargo pants and Toms shoes). 

I found this pumped up neon version of the classic striped tee and knew it would be a perfect addition to my ever growing collection of striped shirts. What can I say, I’m a sucker for stripes.

And lucky for Moosejaw (and more importantly, my wardrobe!), I managed to pick up a couple sundresses as well.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for second chances too.

Now about those cleats...

top: moosejaw
boyfriend jeans: abercrombie and fitch (I sized up two sizes for a looser fit)
heels: target! (no longer available online)
sunglasses: ray-ban
earrings: target


10 Tips for Organizing Your Closet

My closet is my sanctuary. It's the one place in my house that is (almost) always organized. Even when the rest of my house is full of chaos and in complete disarray, my closet is my zen-like space of calm. 

The reason my closet stays this way is because 1. I respect the clothes. And 2. I have a organizational system that keeps everything neat and clean. And since many of you are in the midst of spring cleaning, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share my top 10 tips for keeping your closet organized:

1. Edit. Before you can organize, you want to clean out and edit what you have (see this post for tips on cleaning out your closet). You want every item in your space to fit and make you feel good when you wear it.
2. Organize Clothes. Arrange hanging items by style and by color. Keep pants in one section, blouses in another, dresses in another, etc. Then organize by color/style/occasion. For example, I organize my dresses first by color and then by formality of the dress (so I start with all my casual summer dresses and end with formal wear). Organizing like items together makes getting dressed a breeze.
3. Coordinate Hangers. Having matching hangers may seem over the top, but it keeps the closet looking streamlined and can save precious space. My pick are these black velvet hangers (HomeGoods also has similar ones for cheap). Delicate blouses and dresses don’t slip off and their slim shape means you have more room for clothes. Win win.
4. Hide the Clutter. It's inevitable. No matter how much we organize our closet, we all deal with clutter. Use bins and boxes to keep these items (think sunglasses, belts, scarves, etc.) out of sight.
5. Organize Shoes. Whether you install shelves or store pairs in clear bins, be sure to have an organized space for your footwear (a pile at the bottom doesn’t count). Pick your favorites and display them like art.
6. Utilize Hooks for Accessories. Handbags, jewelry, and scarves tend to get messy, tangled or end up on the floor. Simple hooks either inside or right outside your closet, are great ways to organize accessories without taking up a lot of space.
7. Use Vertical Space. Use the top of your closet for items you don’t need daily access to. Large bins or baskets are great for storing out of season items.
8. Make It Pretty. Your closet should be an oasis. Even a small closet should inspire you, not stress you out. If there’s room, add a runner in a fun print or wallpaper as a backdrop for your clothes. The prettier it is, the more likely you'll keep it organized.
9. Invest in a Full Length Mirror. Being able to see how your entire outfit looks is crucial to feeling confident as you walk out the door. Ikea has some great mirrors that look expensive and cost less than $100.
10. Think Outside the Box. Literally. If you have a tiny closet, expand it by using space outside of it. I display my jewelry on the wall right outside of the door. Use an armoire for extra clothing storage, a bar cart to hold accessories, or a clothing rack to display a selection of your favorite curated items.
 What additional tips would you offer for keeping your closet curated and organized?


I Have a Confession: Knee High Gladiator Sandals

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7
I know this trend has been around for a while (you know, like thousands of years), and honestly, I thought the style would die out last summer. But after a strong showing on the runways, it looks like the strappy sandal is not only here to stay, but they’re getting bigger, better, and taller! The knee high version of the sandal has moved from the arena and entered onto the streets of mainstream fashion.

In our current state of normcore, I know the general masses prefer that the look stay in the era of the ancient Romans. But it’s no secret that statement shoes are my jam, so naturally I’m all about this trend (especially this pair by Cynthia Vincent. Swoon.). Besides, who doesn't want shoes that make you feel like a badass warrior?

 Feeling like a warrior = Fashion Do.

What’s your take on the knee high gladiators? Will you rock them out this summer or should this trend be ancient history?

save / spend / splurge (my dream gladiators!)


Shopbop Friends and Family Sale

You guys, it's time.

The Shopbop Friends and Family sale is finally here. Which means that basically the entire site is 25% off, including sale items. From now until 11:59pm on Thursday, you’ll get 25% off your entire purchase with the code INTHEFAMILY14.

Shopbop is my go to, one stop shop whenever I need a little retail therapy in my life. It's a fashion lovers dream site, carrying everything from flip flops to evening gowns from a range of brands and designers.

But beware. For a girl on a budget (like myself), it’s a dangerous place to browse.

If you plan on taking advantage of the sale, do so quickly because items tend to sell out fast. And check out my wishlist items I'd love to invest in (if I were not a girl on a budget).

1. Parker Maxi Dress: I want to spend my entire summer in the dress. Dressed up with heels and metallic jewelry or dressed down in some flip-flops, I'd wear this dress everywhere.
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs Cat Eye Sunglasses: These are the perfect everyday sunglasses with just the right amount of glamour.
3. Gorjana Gold Ring: Love this ring worn alone or layered with multiple rings. The cutout detail adds a tribal element that makes it look like this was picked up on an exotic vacation.
4. Impact Coffee Table Book: I’m obsessed with fashion coffee table books, so this is a great time to pick one up at a discount.
5. Geometric Print Scarf: Scarves are the ultimate layering piece and the perfect way to add some personality to an outfit. I’m loving the geometric print on this one.
6. B Brian Atwood Twist Strap Wedge: Wedges are a summer staple in my wardrobe and I’m obsessed with the purple color of this pair.
7. Kate Spade Scallop Pocket iPhone Case: Not only is this bright iPhone case perfect for warmer temps, but the outside pocket is great for storing your credit cards when you don’t want to carry around a purse.
8. FRAME Denim: This sale is the perfect time to pick up some new designer denim. I love FRAME because of the ridiculously long inseam, allowing us long-limbed ladies to wear our heels.
9. House of Harlow 1960 Earrings: Turquoise and gold is my favorite summer jewelry combination and these are the perfect everyday studs.
10. Ancient Greek Sandals: These are my ideal sandals. Comfortable, whimsical, and  the neutral color can be paired with anything.
11. Linea Pelle Hunter Tote: Slouchy, leather, and the perfect tan color. This is the go-to bag I want to carry all summer long.
12. Torn by Ronny Kobo Dress: I love the fact that this cocktail dress has just the right amount of sexiness without being overly risqué.

What items are on your wishlist? Will you be taking advantage of the Shopbop sale?


Outfit Post: Casual, Cool, Kimono

Finally, Spring arrived in Detroit this weekend, which meant the majority of my time was spent outside soaking up the sun. Rooftop brunches, downtown exploring, and long strolls with the pup made up my days.

Inspired by the Coachella music festival, I pulled out my kimono to add a bit of a boho vibe to my usual jeans and tank combo. This breezy coverup is a welcome alternative to the bulky coats I’ve been hiding under all winter (although snow is in the forecast for Tuesday, so don’t pack up your parkas just yet).

But, this weekend’s sunshine was almost enough to make me forget the horrid winter we struggled through (almost). And until the snow is gone for good, I’m grateful for these few glorious days of sunshine.

Shine on, sunshine. Shine on.

kimono: similar here
tank: target
jeans: dl1961
heels: zara (similar here)
clutch: similar here
sunglasses: ray-ban
jewelry: h&m, forever21, and target


I Have a Confession: {Jump}suit Up

images via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
I’ll admit it. I love a jumpsuit. Yes, the one piece that - when worn incorrectly - borders on a toddler’s onesie. But I can’t help it. They can be sexy, effortless, and are basically as comfortable as wearing pajamas. Win, win, win.

But, as much as I love the look, all jumpsuits are not created equal. Unless you are perfectly proportioned with a perfectly average height and build (lucky you!), finding the right fit is not always an easy task. Whether you like a slightly slouchy or a more fitted look, there is a jumpsuit out there for everyone. It just takes a little patience (and a lot of trips to the dressing room) to find it.

Still unsure? Even Michelle Obama is sporting the trend. And when the FLOTUS says it's cool, who are we to argue?

1 / 2 / 3 / 4
What do you think of the trend? Would you rock a jumpsuit or should it be reserved for those under the age of 5?


Outfit Post: Black and Yellow

This past weekend I celebrated my 31st birthday with jazz bars, fancy dinners, late night disco bowling, and a surprise singing telegram (Thanks, Margo).

I am not one of those people who dreads birthdays (although now I dread singing telegrams). Balloons, champagne, presents - other than a few extra wrinkles - what’s not to like? Besides, I hear 31 is the new 21.

In honor of turning another year older, I treated myself to this yellow Zara jacket. When I saw it back in January, this mood lifting coat was a beacon of sunshine in the middle of a dark, dark winter. I resisted the urge to buy it then, but caved when I saw it in the store last week. If you can’t justify a joy inducing purchase on your birthday, when can you?

I also picked up these badass shoes from the Detroit resale shop, Thrift on the Ave. I stopped by on my birthday and in a serendipitous moment, found them dangling in the window, in my exact size, and at more than half the price of what they cost in the store. Talk about a birthday miracle. It was totally meant to be.

So far, I'm rocking 31.

jacket: zara
jeans: dl1961
tank: target
heels: zara via thrift on the ave
earrings: target
rings: h&m
necklace: similar here


7 Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Closet

Winter is over. You know what that means - spring shopping! But before you do that, you have to make room in your closet with some spring cleaning. It’s a new season and that means it’s time to assess what you have and figure out what is missing. If you wake up most mornings staring at a closet full of clothes but think to yourself, I have nothing to wear, it's time for a ruthless closet edit. Here are my 7 tips for cleaning out your closet with (relative) ease.

1. Schedule TIME. Don’t rush this process. Give yourself a full day, maybe even a weekend. Sort through each piece with a critical eye. Take everything out of the closet. Try things on! The point is to create a closet full of items you truly love, not just tolerate. And love takes time.

2. Bring a Friend. And not your agreeable “yes” friend. Your honest, ruthless friend (and preferably one who shows up with champagne). You want someone there who will give you the hard truth on the items you own. She'll tell you what's flattering and more importantly, what's not.

3. BUT Trust Yourself. I have pieces of clothing that aren’t necessarily the most flattering pieces, but I love them. Friends don’t always understand these pieces and that’s okay. At the end of the day, this is about your own personal style. If you really love something, keep it. Just make sure you wear it.

4. Make 4 Piles. Keep, Edit, Donate, and Maybe. Keep the items you love, fit well, and are in good condition. Edit pieces that need to be tailored, hemmed, resoled, etc. (and actually take them to be fixed!). Donate everything else. Haven’t worn it in over a year? Get rid of it. The more you donate, the more room you have for items you feel great in. Give someone else the opportunity to love an item you now feel so-so about. Look into non-profits like The Salvation Army, Goodwill, Dress for Success as well as women’s shelters for places in need of clothing.

The Maybe pile is not an essential, but if you have hoarding tendencies, it makes letting go easier. Sometimes an item is hard to get rid of until you’ve gone through the entire process. A maybe pile lets you safely put items aside and reassess after you’ve gone through your entire closet and you realize you don’t need 7 striped shirts (guilty). Most of those maybe items will end up in the donate pile when you realize how many other amazing and better fitting pieces you own (and probably forgot about).

via pinterest
5. If it Doesn’t Fit NOW, Get Rid of It. Or at least remove it from your limited closet space. Maybe it’s your 10 pound lighter jeans. Or pre-baby LBD. Whatever it is, if it doesn’t fit now, it’s just taking up precious space in your closet. Plus, it’s probably reminding you of a different time in your life when you were a different size, creating constant anxiety. Embrace your size NOW and find flattering clothes for your current body. Trying to squeeze into too tight pants is just depressing and unflattering. Let 'em go.

6. Don’t Let Sentimentality Own Your Choices. We all have items in our closets that we never wear but we keep because it reminds us of a certain event. Unless it’s your grandma’s vintage wedding dress or something truly special, get rid of it. How many college sweatshirts and fun run tees do we really need?

7. Be a Better Shopper. Now that you have a closet filled with items that fit, are flattering, and you love, keep it that way! Stop buying clothing simply because they're on sale or affordable. It’s better to save up for quality items that work for your figure and your life than buy a bunch of cheap things that sort of work. Pay attention to what ended up in the donate pile. Try and avoid the same pitfalls.

Good luck, have fun, and enjoy your new curated closet!