Outfit Post: Rainy Day Attire

This past weekend I had the chance to get out of freezing cold Detroit and head South to warmer Virginia. Unfortunately, with the warmer temperatures brought a weekend of rain. 
Wet weather or not, temps in the 50s means bare legs and the chance to show off these adorable scalloped shorts - or as my husband calls them, Betty Rubble shorts. Apparently Mrs. Rubble was ahead of the trends with her hemline (along with Lisa Simpson!). 

I'd say it's better than a Velma comparison, but her oversized sweater, pleated skirt, and hipster glasses are currently right on trend. Who knew cartoon women were such trendsetters?

Now if only my next outfit could channel Jem and the Holograms...

trench coat: h&m (similar here)
sweater: similar here
shorts: tj maxx (similar here)
wellies: hunter
scarf: similar here


Outfit Post: Pretty in Pink

Confession: I bought this blazer a year ago and until this day, it sat in my closet, untouched, with the price tag still attached. I'm not sure why I bought the blazer. To be honest, I don't even really like pink that much. Maybe it was a dark and dreary day and I needed something bright to cheer me up. Maybe it was on sale. Maybe I just watched Mean Girls and needed something to wear on Wednesdays.

But whatever the reason, for over a year it hung in my closet mockingly reminding me not to buy things I don't absolutely love (a good relationship reminder as well). And since H&M won't take back receipt-less items from last year (the nerve!), I am determined to make this blazer work - whether I love it or not.

You know what I do love? Witty clutches. And breakfast sandwiches. And, yes, sometimes even, tequila (although this seems to be more of a love/hate relationship these days). Which is why this Kate Spade clutch is perfect. I actually saw the tote version last spring but couldn't justify the price tag, so when I saw this little baby in the clearance section of TJ Maxx, I knew it was fate. Talk about love.


blazer: h&m (similar here)
tee: j.crew 
jeans: american eagle 
shoes: similar here
clutch: kate spade via tjmaxx


Gallery Wall Inspiration

Even though I’ve lived in my current space for over a year, I’ve really stalled on my wall decorating commitment. 

Art is expensive. Large scale art is really expensive.  

I'm lucky to live in a loft with high ceilings, but with that brings the extra challenge of searching for something that will make an impact in my space without making an impact on my wallet. Plus I'm picky. Really picky. And so far I just haven't found that one piece of art that screams "I'm worth it!" 

So instead of dropping major bucks on a single piece of art, I've decided to fill my blank space with a gallery wall. Not only is it more affordable, but it can constantly be changed and edited -  perfect for an art commitment-phobe like myself.

 I'm currently in the very beginning stages of planning, but I hope to use a combination of Etsy finds, personal photography, and possibly some DIY art. I'll keep you posted on the final look, but if you're interested in following my process, you can follow my Gallery Wall board on Pinterest. 

And for those of you who have created your own gallery wall, any tips you can offer a newbie like myself?

images via 1 / 2 / 3 / 4


Outfit Post: Ladylike Leather

It's no surprise I'm over the cold. I've been bitching about it for weeks. But being the positive person that I am, I like to find the silver lining in everything - including this prolonged winter. 

For me that silver lining is leather, leopard print stilettos, and my grandma's vintage fur jacket. My days of wearing these items are numbered, so I thought I'd take them for one last spin around the block before replacing them with flowy dresses and strappy sandals. 

Farewell my friends. See you next fall.

top: nordstrom (similar here)
jacket: grandma's vintage
leather leggings: similar here
shoes: charles david (similar here)
sunglasses: le spec


Currently Coveting: {10 Spring Essentials}

Congratulations, we did. We officially survived the Polar Vortex.

Even though it may not feel like it here in Detroit, tomorrow marks the official start of Spring. That means whether Old Man Winter cooperates or not, I am putting away my bulky sweaters and oversized coats and preparing my closet for higher temps.

As the weather warms up (it will eventually warm up, right?), these are the 10 items I’ll be incorporating into my look this spring. 

Spring Essentials


1. Crossbody Bag: The perfect hands-free bag for spring bike riding and Riverwalk strolls.
2. Chambray: A wardrobe staple, the chambray shirt is the perfect layering piece. Wear over a spring dress instead of a denim jacket or pair with white denim for a casual look.
3. Statement Sandals: The to-the-knee gladiator version I’ve picked may be too bold for some, but don’t miss out on the chance to wear a statement sandal that doesn’t involve a heel.
4. Python Print: This is the animal print of the season. Whether you go bold with a pant or more subdued in your accessories, be sure to incorporate this into your look.
5. Parka: A must during the rainy spring season, this necessity will keep you dry while staying chic.
6. Midi skirt: Last year, these skirts started popping up all over the place and they’re not going anywhere. This demure skirt is the silhouette of the season.
7. Floral: Spring means florals. This is no surprise to anyone. Try the print in a more casual way, like this floral shirt dress.
8. Crop Top: I know, I know. I’m 30 years old. Am I seriously recommending that women invest in crop tops? I am. Paired with ladylike pieces (try it with a highwaisted midi skirt), this 90s throw back piece is given a whole new life. As soon as the snow melts, I’ll be showing you my favorite ways to style a crop top and not look like a tween at a Miley Cyrus concert. Stay tuned.
9. Espadrilles: These slip ons are everywhere. From Fuscia pink to leopard print, find a style that suits you.
10. Jumpsuit: Jumpsuits are tricky. As a tall girl, I get it (wedgies, camel toe, I risk it all…). But if you take the time to find the right one, you’ll love the ease of this throw-it-on-and-go statement piece.

After surviving this winter, we all deserve something pretty. What items are on your spring list?


Lucky Green Smoothie

I have a confession: I used to be a hardcore McDonald’s addict.

Double cheeseburgers and a coke were my weakness. Every late night at the bar ended with a trip to Mickey D’s (sometimes in a cab). I even celebrated my 5th birthday party at the joint, complete with an appearance from Ronald McDonald. I was hooked. And it wasn’t just habit, it was something I was proud of.

Then I got the big C and I started to pay attention to not only what I put ON my body, but what I put IN my body. I started to learn that looking good is not just about what clothes you wear, but how you feel. For the first time in my life, I learned to cook and really love real food (not just fast “food”).

For me, the best way to feel (and look) great is starting the day with a green smoothie or green juice. It means that no matter how crappy my food choices are throughout the day, I know I’ve at least gotten in several servings of fruits and vegetables before I’ve even figured out what  to wear. 

So in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I’m sharing with you my favorite super healthy, energizing green superfoods smoothie (to counteract all the super green beer you may or may not drink today). This is also a great “day after” cure for anyone feeling less than lucky tomorrow.

2 cups coconut water
2 large handfuls of spinach
1 banana
1/2 cup frozen mango
2 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp hemp seeds
1/2 tbsp bee pollen

Blend all ingredients together and enjoy!


Outfit Post: Boots and the Fur

Wind and flirty mini skirts do not go well together, my friends. Unless you are Marilyn Monroe. 

I am definitely not Marilyn Monroe.

Basically 95% of these shots involved me holding my skirt down or trying to keep my hair from violently flying in my face. Very unglamorous. Very unlady like. But that's the beauty of digital photography. 
It allows me to fake being both glamorous and a lady.

faux fur vest: luxe rachel zoe
sweater: h&m
skirt: h&m
over the knee boots: old nordstrom rack, similar here
purse: pitaya, similar here
necklace: baublebar
sunglasses: ray-ban


The Evolving Door

Behind the scenes of Cynthia Vincent's studio and showroom

Sometimes in life a door opens that you better walk through (no, run through) or else it may slam in your face, never to open again. A couple months ago, that door opened for me.

While aimlessly trolling Facebook, I came across a contest from PopSugar - a chance to win a trip to LA to meet designer Cynthia Vincent and have her create a one-of-a kind piece for me (spoiler alert, I won). All I had to do was talk about how my style has evolved.

Normally, I would continue scrolling though the Facebook newsfeed, not giving a second thought to the competition. But something made me not just pause, but actually take the time to enter. Maybe it was because I loved Cynthia Vincent’s line. Maybe it was because it was January in Detroit and a trip to LA sounded like heaven. But in all honesty, I think it was this idea of personal evolution that struck a chord.

Cancer changed me. I mean, how can it not. When a terrible, life threatening disease takes over your body, there’s no way you can emerge on the other side the same person. But cancer didn’t just change my outlook. It changed my sense of gratitude. And my joy for life.

Cancer also changed my style. Or, more accurately, it changed my insecurities about my style.

It changed me from a shy, insecure, girl who felt the need to blend in, to a strong willed, bad ass woman, who started to care less what other people thought of me and more what I thought about myself. I won’t say cancer was a gift, but it certainly helped give me the strength to evolve

So back to my open door.

Around the same time I entered the PopSugar contest, I began to seriously question my life and its purpose. I had just learned I was one year in remission and wanted to stop living and start L-I-V-I-N’ (thank you Matthew Mcconaughey). I started to really focus on finding my joy again (which is unsurprisingly easy to lose in the face of cancer and surprisingly, even easier to lose in the aftermath of cancer). I was questioning this blog and fashion and my career and constantly asking myself (in a super over the top, dramatic way), “What am I doing with my life?!

And then I won the trip to LA to meet Cynthia Vincent.

I’m not a very religious person, and I’m not sure I really believe in signs from the universe, but I do believe in opportunities. And doors. And walking through them. The old me? The pre-cancer me? She would have been too afraid to put herself out there and walk through that door. And her life would have been just fine. But that girl? She wouldn’t have had the chance to walk a red carpet of a Beverly Hills event in an amazing one-of-a-kind designer dress. That girl would have missed out.

And that’s an evolution I can live with.

By now, you’ve probably already seen the videos of my time in LA with Cynthia (if not, you can watch them here), but I wanted to share a glimpse of some of the behind the scenes action. Enjoy!


One of a Kind: The Reveal

I'm so excited to share with you the third and final part of the PopSugar video, where Cynthia Vincent reveals the dress she designed specially for me. This experience was such a joy and something I could never imagine being a part of. I'm grateful to the entire PopSugar team, the videographers, and especially Cynthia and everyone at her studio. The whole experience was such a gift.

And in case you missed them, check out Part 1 and Part 2 (the videos make way more sense if you watch them in order).


One of a Kind: The Process


I'm excited to share with you Part 2 of the PopSugar One of a Kind video I filmed with Cynthia Vincent. This episode is a behind the scenes look at the incredible design process that goes into creating a look. I hope you enjoy!

In case you missed it, you can check out Part 1 here and Part 3 here


One of a Kind: The Beginning

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of being chosen by PopSugar for an incredible experience to fly to LA to meet designer Cynthia Vincent and have her create a one of a kind piece for me. After such an amazing trip with Cynthia and her team, I am thrilled and honored to share with you the first video of that experience!

Stay tuned for Part 2 and Part 3 and well as some behind the scenes posts.

Outfit Post: Winter Blues

Winter, I’m through with you. 

I am so over you, I’m pretending you no longer exist. I'm badmouthing you behind your back. I'm avoiding you. It's turning into a pretty volatile relationship actually. So, winter, I'm moving on. Skirts and dresses are coming out of the closet and bare legs will be exposed. You can try to stick around with your snow and 0 degrees, but it's hopeless. 

I'm already flinging with Spring.

sweater: forever21
skirt: h&m
boots: j.crew (similar here)
bag: pitaya (similar here)
sunglasses: ray-ban


The Oscars: What the Stars {Should Have} Worn

Instead of the usual “best dressed” post, I decided to do things a little different for this year's Oscars. I have decided to pick the stars who could have (and should have) done better and pick the dress I would have chosen for them instead.

This year, the Oscars were relatively safe with the red carpet fashion. No one took major fashion risks, leaving me with relatively few “wow” moments. My picks aren't necessarily the worst dressed on the red carpet. The just lacked the excitement that an Oscar dress should possess.

Amy Adam’s Gucci gown was fine. But this is the oscars. You want to be better than fine. I think her skin tone and gorgeous red hair (which seemed to be in hiding) would have popped in this Naeem Khan peach dress.
 I wanted to like Julia Robert’s Givenchy dress. And I almost did. But for me, between the peplum waist, tuxedo cut top, and lace chest plate it was just too busy. Also, I’m kind of over the peplum trend that has taken over the last couple years. As an actress who has a tendency to venture for more unique looks, I would have loved to see her in this J. Mendel number instead.

Surprise, surprise. Jennifer Lawrence shows up in another Dior dress. I get it. She’s the face of Dior. But she is also Hollywood’s current “It” girl and I would love to see her in something, anything, else. And again, here we are with another damn peplum. The dress was fine. The color was great. But she’s young, beautiful, and outgoing. Take a risk! You want a peplum? At least give us something to talk about in this Ellie Saab asymmetrical gown.

Naomi Watt’s dress was a disappointment for me. Normally one to take a little bit of a risk on the red carpet, I thought she played it way too safe with her white Calvin Klein. If she wanted to stick with white, I would have much rather her show up in something a little more bold, like this J. Mendel long sleeve gown. 

Sandra Bullock looked like she walked off the set of the movie Miss Congeniality. Her Alexander Mcqueen dress was flattering and the color was beautiful, it was just a little too “pagent” for me. This Ralph Russo dress gives her a similar movie star quality, but takes it up a notch.

Margot Robbie was unrecognizable. She debuted her new darker look in Saint Laurent, but honestly, I miss this bombshell we saw earlier in the year. Between the hair, the makeup, and the dress it was all too dark. If you’re going to commit to going to the dark side, at least show us a fantastic, vampy dress. She would have stolen the show in this Naeem Khan feathered gown.

What did you think of the gown choices? Who do you think should have done better?

All images via Huffington Post, Vogue, and Style.com.