Travel Diary: Marrakech, Morocco

Please excuse my abundance of pictures. It is impossible to try and capture the spirit and vibrancy of Marrakech in a handful of photos. And even this selection doesn't begin to do the city justice. A place so full of life and color, if you ever have the opportunity to visit, GO.

And if you're lucky enough to make the trip, here are my top 10 Moroccan experiences:

1. Drink like the locals do. You won’t find much alcohol in Marrakech (and when you do it will be expensive), so stay sober and enjoy an abundance of mint tea and the most amazing fresh squeezed orange juice from the stands in Jemma el-Fnaa (the main square inside the medina)
2. Visit a local Pharmacy to learn about the medicinal qualities of the oils, spices, and herbs. Sample and buy argan oil, rose cream, and saffron.
3. Shop! Head to the souks and get lost. Be confident, be polite, and negotiate EVERYTHING.
4. Get out of town for a day (or night) and head to La Pause for some glamping. While there, eat an incredible meal, soak in the pool, and ride a camel into the desert (more on that in this post).
5. Love fashion? Visit the Jardin de Majorelle to pay tribute to Yves St. Laurent.
6. Take in the craziness of Jemma el-Fnaa from a rooftop bar or restaurant. Get there right before sunset and watch the square come alive with snake charmers, fortune tellers, and dancing monkeys.
7. At night, skip the fancy restaurants and eat the street food from the stalls in the medina.
8. Mingle with the rich and famous and grab a cocktail at Hotel La Mamounia. It will be fancy. It will be expensive. It will be worth it. Start outside on the beautiful patio and then move inside for a night cap and cigar in the Churchill bar (named after it's famous guest, Winston).
9. Experience a Moroccan Hammam for a relaxing (and intimate!) scrub down and massage.
10. Enjoy an incredible home cooked meal in the garden of the Amal Women's Training Center, a non-profit center that supports underprivileged women. 

Have you been to Morocco? What else would you add to the list?

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