Outfit Post: A Coveted Celebration

Last week, after attending the media preview of the new Willys Detroit store, I called my sister.

Not to brag about the fact that I’m now being invited to media preview events at super cool stores in Detroit (which I also did), but to squeal (like a little girl) that the store is not only carrying LA designer Clare Vivier, but it is also carrying the exact leopard print calf hair clutch that I’ve pinned, poached, hukk’d, and basically tracked in every imaginable way for years. Followed by more squealing.

She immediately said, “so, you’re going to buy it, right?”

Buy it?? No way.

I came up with every excuse possible.

I’m on a budget. It’s too expensive. I don’t need another bag. I have too much leopard print (as if that’s possible). I should sleep on it.

But I was in denial.

Even though I couldn’t admit it out loud, I knew that clutch was coming home with me. And my sister knew it too, calling me out for picking out an outfit that perfectly complimented a bag I didn’t yet own. Funny how that happens.

And sure enough, my sister was right. With the encouragement of the lovely staff at Willys (and two complimentary Drought Juice cocktails later), that bag was mine.

In spite of having an incredible ability to be practical, I have an even more incredible ability to justify just about anything.

I’ve wanted this bag forever. It goes with anything (leopard is obviously a neutral). It matches my outfit (fate, right?). I get to buy it locally. It supports Detroit retail.

But the biggest reason I could justify the bag?

A clean scan.

Because after 2 cancer diagnosis in 1 year, you just don’t need to justify celebrating with the perfect little leopard print clutch that I've forever loved.

So even though I’m on a budget and it’s too expensive and I don’t need another bag and I have too much leopard print and I should sleep on it, none of that matters when it comes to love and celebrating.

Or so I'm justifying.

dress: h&m
vest: tj maxx (similar here)
shoes: c/o cynthia vincent

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