Currently Coveting: Tory Burch for Fitbit

Ever since my ladies trip to Europe - where my sister introduced me to the Fitbit - my girlfriends and I have been totally hooked with the pedometer. Obsessed actually. What started as a great way to justify that wine at lunch or the extra croissant (or two) at breakfast has become a full blown competition between us, resulting in me pacing around my living room at 11:59pm to get to the 10,000 step goal of the day (and ultimately beat my friends).

And just when I thought I couldn't get any more obsessed with my Fitbit, Tory Burch goes and launches a collaboration with the brand. And now, all I can think about it is what I can sell to justify the $195 price tag of that gold bangle.

I mean, if you're going to wear something every single day (and it's encouraging you to be active and healthy!), it might as well be stylish. Right? Right??

At the end of the day, for someone on a limited budget like myself, is it worth the price tag? Probably not.

But that doesn't mean I'm any less obsessed.

See the full collection (or surprise someone you love with this wonderfully perfect gift) here

Also, just a reminder that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially open to the public (see my picks here). Also, Nordstrom Rack is now shoppable ONLINE. Boom.

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