Outfit Post: Winter White Stripes

Pulling over on the side of the highway doesn’t ordinarily make for the best photo ops. But when that highway is in New Mexico and you are surrounded by gorges, rivers, and snow capped mountains, and the sun is giving off that perfect late afternoon glow, there is no better place to stop than the side of the road (actually a better place would be a brewery on the side of the road, surrounded by gorges, rivers, and mountains. Which we also happened to find).

This also means that with all our time spent exploring said gorges, rivers, and mountains, beauty and personal appearance get sacrificed. We happened to stumble upon some natural hot springs before our roadside photo op, which would explain my unkempt hair. Let's just call this kinda damp, kinda wavy look "vacation hair" and pretend it's a thing.

Besides, hot springs and roadside breweries trump good hair every damn time.

top: nordstrom (similar here)
bottoms: blanknyc
boots: j.crew (similar in black here)
scarf: h&m (similar here)

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