Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

I don't know about you guys, but my holiday shopping is in full force. With only two and a half weeks left until Christmas, I'm trying to finish up my list, while also avoiding any trips to the mall.

Holiday season plus the mall equals my worst nightmare.

So for my gift guide for the gentlemen in your life, I've focused on items you can buy without stepping foot inside a mall (or even leaving your couch if you're a real homebody like myself).

Cheers for free shipping!

Holiday Gift Guide: For the Guys

1. Tequila Shooters: For the entertainer.
2. MLB Washer Toss: For the sports fan.
3. Camp Blanket: For the outdoorsman.
4. Foodie Dice: For the chef.
5. Travel Book: For the traveler (bonus points if you throw in a plane ticket).
6. Power Charger: For the tech addict.
7. Grooming Kit: For the well groomed.
8. Espresso Maker: For the caffeine addict.

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