Willys Detroit

When we were kids, every year for our birthdays my dad would take me and my siblings to Toys R Us. For our present, we were allowed to pick out one item from the store. My brother and sister would rush down the aisles and immediately pick out their toys and the whole thing was over in 30 seconds. They were impulsive and knew what they wanted. When it came time for my birthday, I would slowly walk up and down every single aisle, pondering over the merits of this toy versus that toy - unable to commit until I had analyzed the value of every toy in the store. It was infuriating to my dad (and eventually resulted in him putting a time limit on the whole process).

But to me, the process of the search brought me as much joy as the toy itself.

So I took my time, basking in the wondrous joy of each item.

For me, shopping at Willys Detroit is no different.

Earlier this month, Willys (sister store of Shinola) invited me to collaborate with them for their first (of many, I hope) Style Slam event. Stylists and fashion bloggers from around the country were brought in to sip cocktails and play dress up with their merch. Tough job, right?

Part of the collaboration involved shopping for a look to showcase on the blog. I immediately reverted back to my 7 year old self. I walked all over the store, picking up and touching every piece in the store. Noticing each intricate detail. Trying on everything (including several of the menswear pieces) in order to find that perfect item.

After several separate trips to the store, I finally decided on this Clare V. tote (the very first item I noticed) and this alpaca Steven Alan coat (the last item I tried on before leaving the store).

And like when I was younger, the joy of browsing and daydreaming about every single piece in the store brought me as much joy as my final selection.

Well, almost as much joy.

coat: steven alan c/o willys detroit
top: loft
pants: blank denim
boots: nordstrom rack
bag: clare v. c/o willys detroit
watch: shinola
Want to get your hands on your own pieces from Willys? Check out their holiday sample sale, where select pieces are up to 80% off. And thanks again to Willys and Shinola for inviting me to spend days playing dress up in your store. And for not eventually putting a time limit on my indecisive decision making skills.

And also thank to Remy Roman for prancing around Detroit in the 50 mph hour winds and freezing rain to capture my Willys finds.

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