Third Piece Rule

One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked by my clients is "how do I take my style from 'basic' to 'bold'?" And while there are a lot of options (like spending an outrageous amount of money on some incredible designer piece), there's a super simple solution that can be found in your closet.

It's called the "Third Piece Rule."

Some of you may be aware of this rule already. Others may follow this rule without actually being aware that you follow it.

And it's as easy as this: If you have on a top (piece one) and bottom (piece two), add a a third piece. That's it. This third piece can be anything from a vest (my personal favorite), to a jacket or sweater, or even accessories like a statement necklace, oversized scarf, or hat.

The addition of a third piece (or even a fourth or fifth piece) helps an outfit pop. It helps give dimension to your look. It adds visual interest. All good things when you are trying to elevate your look.

So next time you're getting dressed and feel like you could use a little extra "style" in your basic outfit, remember the third piece rule.

Utilizing a vest to add impact to an outfit.

A great blazer or jacket can take your outfit up a notch.

Don't forget accessories - even a great statement necklace can elevate your look!

Do you follow the third piece rule?

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