The Ethical Mother's Day Gift Guide

I can't speak from personal experience (unless you count my dog, which most of you won't), but being a mom is tough. It's a full time balancing act that makes you all look like superheroes. Seriously, I can barely balance my life with my dog's life. Whether you are a new mom or your kids are all grown up, you deserved to be spoiled a bit.

So in honor of all you moms out there, here are some of my favorite gifts that take the appreciation beyond flowers and a card. And feel free to forward this to your partners, kids, friends, etc. who may be lacking in ideas.

1. Bath Salts: Kids can be stressful. Give the gift of relaxation with some bath salts. And if you want to take it a step further, throw in a gift certificate for a massage.
2. Leather Passport Case: And - if you’re really wanting to spoil a mom in your life - plane tickets, with or without the kids.
3. Earrings: When you have young kids, dangly earrings are a dangerous accessory. Keep the earlobes safe with these glitzy studs she can wear everyday.
4. iPad Case: Technology is a staple in most women's lives - whether it's watching cartoons with the kids or doing work on a business trip. Avoid cracked screens and spills with this distinctive case.
5. Scarf: For the mom that likes to accessorize, scarves are a stylish gift - and one that doesn't require you to guess her size.
6. Every Mother Counts Tote Bag: 100% of the proceeds of this bag goes to support Every Mother Counts, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for every mother. Plus, it's pretty damn cute.
7. Necklace: Not only is this handmade necklace beautiful, but the company also supports empowerment for women, so you can feel good while looking good.
8. Handmade mug: There aren't many moms I know who don't savor a cup of coffee in the morning. Give her a handmade mug (or if you're artistic, make your own) along with her favorite coffee to elevate her morning experience.
9. Cookbook: Whether she’s a master chef or a takeout queen, let her have fun in the kitchen with a new cookbook. And if you really want to score some bonus points, cook her an actual meal from said cookbook.
10. Closet Cleanse: Shameless plug here, but nothing is more relaxing and rewarding than having an organized closet full of clothing that are loved and fit. Mother's Day is a great opportunity to give her the gift of a clean closet.

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