Designer Spotlight: M. Gemi

Shoes have the power to transform. Whether you are in jeans and a tee or your best LBD, the right shoe can truly elevate your outfit.

When I made the decision to quit fast fashion, I wasn’t worried about where I would shop for clothes - turns out there are a lot of responsibly made options. What I was worried about? Where I would buy my shoes. And not just any shoes - there are a ton of brands making ethically-made pairs - but modern, sexy, “look at me” statement shoes. The kind of shoe that can transform your basic jeans and t-shirt combination. The kind of shoe I seek out to wear (like these gladiator stunners).

And then I discovered M. Gemi.

Handcrafted by small family run factories in Italy, these ethically made shoes are luxury at a (more) affordable price. By shipping directly from the factory to your front door, you get the same quality as other high end, Italian crafted brands, but at a fraction of the cost. New styles are released in limited quantities each week, keeping the inventory fresh, but because of the small batch approach, once a style sells out, it’s gone for good.

In terms of quality, aesthetic, and company values, the brand really is unparalleled.

And because it’s a brand I believe in, I’ve teamed up with M.Gemi to offer you guys $40 off your first pair as well as free overnight shipping. Check out my favorite pairs from their current inventory and shop for yourself here. Happy shopping!

dress: old bcbg
sandals: m. gemi
clutch: clare v. 

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