NYFW - The Outfits

When attending New York Fashion Week, I obviously put some thought into what I would wear for the weekend. In the past, I probably would have ordered a bunch of new items online - things I didn't really want or need - in order to try and compete with the street style scene and to prove how "fashiony" I am. But I really wanted to both feel like myself in my clothes and also show that you could stand out without buying a bunch of new shit. And more importantly, show that ethical clothes could be fashion forward and on trend and compete with the scene.

So when packing for my trip, I committed to only shopping my closet, and my outfits ended up being a mix of vintage, resale, and ethically made items.

Day 1 included a vintage skirt I bought for 4 dollars at an estate sale earlier this year, which I paired with my favorite neutral accessories. This was the hottest day of our trip, and while I loved my outfit, running all over Manhattan in vintage polyester probably wasn't the smartest choice. If suffering for your outfit is fashionable, I definitely achieved that goal (also please note, I did not actually run around in those 4 inch heels - like any sane person, I wore sandals most of the day).

I ran into photographer (and friend), Joe Polimeni on the streets

top: pitaya (this is actually a bodysuit)
shoes: old target
necklace: clyde's rebirth
belt: old target

For the second day, Michelle (part of my Detroit girl gang who joined me on the trip) and I decided to spend the day bike riding around Brooklyn, which was a nice reprieve from the chaos of Fashion Week. 

It was another scorching day, but when we weren't on bikes, we stayed cool scouring the vintage shops (hello, Beacon's Closet, I'm obsessed with you), bowling, and eating our way around the city. I've been to Manhattan countless times, but I've never really spent much time in Brooklyn. And as much as I loved witnessing the fashion week craze, I really love the excitement of exploring a new place even more.

romper: thrifted from regeneration
vest: old zara
shoes: old zara

We decided to spend our final morning stalking a few more of the shows in search of celebrity sightings and amazing outfits (check out that recap in my street style blog post). 

For my last day in the big apple, I knew I wanted to wear my Vetta culottes. If you guys aren't familiar with Vetta, it's a women's capsule collection (their first collection was 5 pieces that can be mixed to create 30 outfits), that is entirely ethically made. I fell in love with the company when I discovered their kickstarter campaign about a year ago and have been eagerly awaiting the new fall collection ever since (rumor has it, it's coming soon). And since volume and cropped pants are totally on trend right now, not only did I stick to my philosophy and only wear what I owned (and highlight ethical fashion), but I really loved and felt great in my looks. Which at the end of the day, is how everyone should feel, every day, whether you are taking part in fashion week or not.

culottes: vetta
necklace: clyde's rebirth

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