Be Grateful


Life can be tough. 

It’s in those tough moments that you are forced to evaluate what’s important. And there is no greater reminder of what and - more importantly - who really matters than the loss of someone you love.

It’s not about the newest “it” bag or having the perfect outfit. It’s about compassion and kindness and laughter. It's about graciousness and gratefulness. It’s about love.

This week, through tears and sorrow, stress and hardships, I have seen more acts of love, cooperation, and big ole belly laughs (and when all else failed, a kitchen dance party) to honor a man that viewed the world with childlike wonder. He possessed a curiosity for everything and
found amusement in anything.

To a man who was always up for a story and was in the everlasting search for the next million dollar idea, I’ll miss you dearly.

Don’t wait for a reason to appreciate the moments. Life is too damn short.

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