Outfit Post: Borrowed Style

When I was younger, my little sister used to steal my clothes. And not just my clothes, my style. I'd ask for something for Christmas and she would inevitably ask for the same thing. I'd buy a new item and run into her later wearing the identical item (usually stolen from my closet).

Like most little sisters, she was a pain in my ass.

But now that we're adults (and she has infinitely better style), I no longer mind sharing styles. In fact, I look forward to going to visit her and raiding her closet - and more importantly - her jewelry collection.

She recently started selling Stella and Dot jewelry, which means I now get to deck myself out in her collection and play dress up whenever I'm in town.

After all, sharing is what sisters do, right?

top: zara
denim: rag and bone
shoes: zara(similar here)
necklace: stella and dot
chain link bracelet: stella and dot
chevron cuff bracelet: stella and dot
chevron ring: stella and dot
watch: michael kors

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