Closet Q&A: Goal Dresses

Welcome to my very first Closet Q&A series! Thank you to everyone who has submitted your questions so far - keep 'em coming! Without further delay, let's jump into our first question:

"What's your stance on buying things that don't quite fit yet? Are "goal" dresses just not a good idea?" - Hannah


I totally get the appeal of "goal" items. You find a dress you love and buy it a little too small, using it as motivation to encourage yourself to workout more, eat healthier, and make better choices overall.

However, I think this mentality can be risky. What if you don't reach your goal size? That perfect dress is going to quickly turn from a motivational tool to a guilt-ridden reminder; a reminder that what you're doing isn't enough. What started out as a positive incentive starts creating negative pressure to be something...different. And don't we already have enough of that in our lives? Plus, you're losing valuable closet real estate for something you can't even wear.

My advice? Embrace where you're at now. Find something you feel fabulous in and rock it. Leave the ill-fitting dresses behind.

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