Outfit Post: Resale Bargain

This outfit (minus the accessories) cost me $6. Yep, 6 bucks.

I scored it at a church run resale store in the adorable town of Geneva, New York when I was in upstate last week. I wasn't planning on buying anything but the tiny neon sailboats were too cute to pass up. Plus it was 3 dollars. I also found this on-trend midi skirt (with pockets!), which set me back another 3 dollars, but was totally worth it as the perfect compliment to my new neon sailboat button down.

My tip for scoring the best finds at resale or thrift stores? Avoid looking at sizes. Sizing fluctuates so frequently depending on when it was made (definitely ignore sizes when shopping vintage) or who made it. You could miss a potentially great find by limiting yourself to only one size. Plus, if you love something, you can always take it to a seamstress to get it altered or get creative in how you style the piece.

My little neon sailboat top? It's about three sizes too big. But when tied beneath a high-waisted skirt, it works for me. I also plan on wearing it knotted a la Olivia Palmero or as a cover up over a bikini at the beach. For three dollars I get three completely different looks and purposes for this one too big top.

Definitely worth the 6 bucks.

What are some of your favorite resale finds? Any tips for successfully rummaging through the racks?

skirt: similar here
sandals: old forever21 (similar here)
bag: j.crew
sunglasses: ray-ban
earrings: eastern market vendor

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