Outfit Post: Gladiator Sandals

I first mentioned gladiator sandals over a year ago. Like a high school crush, I kept waiting for the phase to pass. To get over my butterflies. To move on to something more lasting and worthy of the investment.

But sometimes a crush turns into love and you just have to own your feelings and do something about it.

So I did. I finally bought a pair of gladiator sandals (on sale, mind you. I’m still into being practical...most of the time.)

But I have a confession.

Like real love, these sandals aren’t perfect.

Part of the reason I held off for so long to buy a pair is 1. I didn’t want to spend more than 100 bucks (and that was being generous) and 2. I have skinny little legs and finding a pair that fit my calves was nearing impossible.

And when I did finally find the right pair at the right price, I wasn’t about to let my skinny little chicken legs get in the way of love.

So I settled. I settled for imperfect, too large shoes because I was tired of not being able to wear all the outfits I had mentally styled with my gladiators.

It’s not something I recommend - in love or shopping. But unlike men, thankfully clothes and accessories can be altered.

So I took my imperfect sale sandals and fixed them. I spent 2 hours macgyvering my shoes until they fit around my legs. I used a combination of thumbtacks, nails, and screws to poke individual holes in every single leather strap from my ankle to my knee. That’s 16 unexpectedly difficult holes.

And in the end, all the pain and hardship and effort was totally worth it.

Love usually is.

dress: h&m
gladiators: madden girl
clutch: h&m (old, similar here)
sunglasses: ray-ban
necklace: old (similar here)

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