Outfit Post: Pretty in Pink

Confession: I bought this blazer a year ago and until this day, it sat in my closet, untouched, with the price tag still attached. I'm not sure why I bought the blazer. To be honest, I don't even really like pink that much. Maybe it was a dark and dreary day and I needed something bright to cheer me up. Maybe it was on sale. Maybe I just watched Mean Girls and needed something to wear on Wednesdays.

But whatever the reason, for over a year it hung in my closet mockingly reminding me not to buy things I don't absolutely love (a good relationship reminder as well). And since H&M won't take back receipt-less items from last year (the nerve!), I am determined to make this blazer work - whether I love it or not.

You know what I do love? Witty clutches. And breakfast sandwiches. And, yes, sometimes even, tequila (although this seems to be more of a love/hate relationship these days). Which is why this Kate Spade clutch is perfect. I actually saw the tote version last spring but couldn't justify the price tag, so when I saw this little baby in the clearance section of TJ Maxx, I knew it was fate. Talk about love.


blazer: h&m (similar here)
tee: j.crew 
jeans: american eagle 
shoes: similar here
clutch: kate spade via tjmaxx


  1. The color of that blazer is beautiful and the clutch is so fun! Nice look!


  2. I love that blazer and in fact, I have a pink one very similar to yours (mine's from Target). I wore it yesterday with a white v-neck tee, jeans, and tan booties. :-)

    1. Sounds like great style minds think alike :)