Best of Etsy: Spring Edition

I love Etsy. It's like an online treasure hunt of goodies.

Need a gift? Something for the house? A new pair of earrings? Etsy is always there to save the day (or night), 24/7.

And best of all? I don't have to leave my couch. Or even get dressed. It's basically the online haven for the lazy flea market lovers of the world (me).

So sit back, relax (don't bother changing out of your sweats), and check out my fav items I'm coveting this spring.
Best of Etsy
1. Bohemian Camera Strap: I'm a fashion blogger. My camera is constantly with me. It obviously needs to look fashionable.
2. Stripes Bow Tie Dog Collar: I like to dress my dog up. Not in silly outfits (well, not usually in silly outfits). My dog is classy and this striped bow tie is perfect for classy warm weather events. Preferably on a boat. 
3. Mid Century Modern Wall Sconce: To say I'm obsessed with this wall sconce is an understatement. I didn't even know I needed wall sconces until I saw this one. Now the wall above my bed seems so bare...
4. Ombre iPhone Case: iPhones are a blogger's most important accessory. Of course we need multiple cases depending on our outfit. Right??
5. Gold Twig Ring: Earthy and simple. This ring is the perfect wear-with-anything accessory.
6. Leather Bike Growler Cozy: All I want to do is ride my bike all over the city and have picnics. How else can I transport my microbrew?
7. Yellow Hammock Chair: Can I please spend the afternoon daydreaming and getting lost in a novel in this hammock chair? Keep it on the porch in the summer and move it inside during the winter months.
8. Canvas Messenger Bag: I'm not in school anymore, but that doesn't mean I don't need a messenger bag for those days when I have to haul my laptop and books to a coffee shop. I particularly love the Moroccan details on this one.

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