FashionSpeak Detroit

Detroit is a playground for creatives.

It is a city of passion. It’s filled with dreamers, creators, inventors and doers. It’s a city where - with a little persistence, perseverance, and grit - an unconventional idea can be transformed into a reality.

But it is also a city that is not always easy. It is a city that tests your stamina before fully opening its arms to you. And because of that, we are losing an endless supply of talent who leave our fair city for an “easier” chance of success in other places.

In a city with unlimited potential, we need to have available resources to not only retain our talent, but to encourage and support that talent.

The Detroit Garment Group Guild is hoping to do just that.

The group, which focuses on the fashion industry, helps to provide the education and tools necessary to become a successful entrepreneur and business owner in Michigan.

On Thursday the DG3 will host the second annual FashionSpeak conference, providing lectures, workshops, and networking that will focus on "the business of fashion." It is an incredible event that connects the Metro Detroit fashion community with leaders and experts in the field (check out the panel of uber impressive speakers, including Fashion Designer Tracy Reese). Whether you're a student with a passion for fashion or an entrepreneur trying to launch a business, this is one event you don't want to miss.

FashionSpeak sold out last year and only has a handful of tickets left for this year's event, so if you have an interest in the industry, be sure to grab your tickets ASAP.

You owe it not only to yourself, but to your city.

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