I Have a Confession: Paint it Red

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I’ve never been much of a make up girl. I’ve tried, but the idea of contouring and blending and falsies and all the other makeup lingo is just way over my head. Like most aversions in life, I think it must stem from my childhood. It was the 80s and big hair and and even heavier makeup were in. And my mom, bless her heart, just wanted to make over her little mud playing, knee scraping, tomboy child.

The outcome was a disaster and it took me years to recover and another two decades before I would attempt to wear makeup on my own.

And to this day my routine (on days I actually decide to wear makeup) is uncomplicated. A little bronzer, a little eyeliner, a swipe of mascara and I’m out the door. No heavy foundation (hate the feeling), no concealer (no idea how to use it), and certainly no lipstick. Ever.

Even on my wedding day I did my own makeup and, to the horror of my mom, I refused to wear lipstick.

But confession time: I love the look of a simple red lip.

And the older I get, the more I understand makeup's power to transform. And I'm not just talking about hiding so called "flaws" that come with aging. I'm talking about the ability to add layers to your look. To treat makeup like an accessory to your style. A bold lip can brighten up and add a level of chic to the darkest and grungiest of outfits.

A red lip creates a statement.

Yet, I can't do it. It's intimidating. It requires time and money and patience (finding that perfect shade of red ain't easy). Not to mention the application process and avoiding smeared lipstick all over your face. How do some women pull it all off so effortlessly?

While I haven't taken the plunge yet, I'm willing to take the risk and experiment. So to all my beauty experts out there, what lipstick tips can you offer this mud playing, knee scraping, tomboy?

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