April Fool: What a Fashion Blogger Really Looks Like

Sometimes, as a fashion blogger, I appear to have it all together.

I get done up in my outfits, but I only show you the best photos. I stage my Instagram pictures to show you a detailed glimpse into my life, but I avoid showing you the mess in the background. As a viewer, you get to see a tiny, unrealistic version of my life. You think I have it all. You think I have it together.

I don't.

But we all do it. We all pick and choose the parts of our lives we want to share with the world.

But that "perfect" image isn't reality.

The reality is I take about 50 pictures to get a few "good" shots. The reality is, in most of those shots, I look nothing like a pulled together fashion blogger. In most of those shots, either the wind is blowing up my skirt or I'm tripping over the sidewalk or I'm trespassing on private property. Sometimes I'm kicking a tree to get the leaves to fall just right for a better photo (Yes, I'm serious. No, it wasn't successful).

But that's me. Sometimes I'm ridiculous. Sometimes I make a fool of myself.

So in honor of April Fool's Day, I'm showing a peek into what it really looks like to be a fashion blogger. Where life isn't all glitz and glam. Where life is about being human and silly and ridiculous.

Because sometimes life is about acknowledging - and embracing - your foolishness.

Because that's reality.

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