I love writing this blog. It allows me to be creative and express my personal style and rant about all the crazy fashion-y things going on in the world. It's my space to disconnect from reality and enter into the fantasy world of fashion.

But honestly, this blog has become a little too much about "me."

So in the near future, you'll notice a little revamp of The Closet Confessional as well as a shift in some of my posts. In the upcoming months I'm going to slowly adapt this blog to better benefit all of you. 

What exactly does that mean?

It means less about me and more about you.

I'll still be writing about my runway/red carpet favorites, what I am currently coveting, and posting my outfits, but I will also be adding posts on fashion tips to help you better curate your wardrobe, style what you already own, and purchase pieces worth investing in.

I love blogs that are focused on high fashion and filled with designer pieces and fabulous celebrity parties.

But this blog isn't that.

This blog has always been for the everyday woman. The woman who wants to look good but does not want to spend all her time worrying about how she looks. The woman that is interested in style, but is not defined by fashion. The woman who, like me, may save up for and splurge on a more expensive item but also still buys clothes at Target (although admittedly I am trying to break my habit of shopping for clothes in the same place I shop for toilet paper).

This blog should not only provide inspiration, but also provide real life tips for defining your personal style, making it easier to get dressed everyday.

So with that, I'd like to announce the addition of a Q&A series.

Wondering what to wear to an event? How to best dress your body type? How to wear a specific item of clothing? Let me know. Send me your questions, outfit dilemmas, dressing room pics. Got a style problem? Let me solve it.

The biggest way to make this blog less about me and more about you is conversation.

So talk to me. Tweet at me. Message me. Instagram me. Leave a comment.

Let's start talking.

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