Outfit Post: Spring Chill

Spring is here in Detroit, which means it could be 60 degrees and sunny one day and grey and snowy the next.

This was not a 60 degree and sunny kind of day.

This was an infuriatingly blustery kind of day. A fury of flurries kind of day. A makes-you-ache-for-spring-sunshine kind of day. And hopefully the last of it's kind kind of day.

But regardless of whether or not the flurries are gone for good, I absolutely refuse to continue wearing my winter wardrobe. But I also logically know it's too soon to be pulling out my light and airy summertime pieces.

So what's a girl to do? Cozy and warm layers in spring colors. 

This bright yellow coat layered over an all white outfit is the perfect way to welcome spring, even when the temperatures still feel like winter. I'm still covered and (mostly) temperature appropriate, but channeling the brighter days ahead.

They say dress for the job you want. I say dress for the weather you want.

Even if it is a blustery and wintery cold kind of day.