Pop of Green

I've decided to lay low this year for St. Patrick's Day. This past weekend was the Detroit St. Patty's Day parade and instead of venturing out into the madness of an all day party, I stayed home for a gloriously low key and lazy weekend - and I plan to do the same tomorrow.

Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe I'm just exhausted. But this year, I'm sitting the holiday out.

But in order to avoid being a total grinch, I've added a pop of green to my otherwise neutral outfit with this bright bag. I may not be in the mood for celebrating, but I'm also not one to buck tradition. Call me superstitious, but I need no bad luck this year.

And speaking of luck, can we talk about this dress for a second? This was one of those incredible clearance finds from TJ Maxx. Originally over $500, I managed to find this A.L.C. dress on super clearance for $50. Talk about luck of the Irish.

dress: a.l.c. via tj maxx
vest: ann taylor
boots: sam edleman via nordstrom rack
bag: tj maxx (similar)

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