Travel Diary - Yucatán Peninsula Part 3: Tulum

Our third and final stop on our Yucatán roadtrip was Tulum (see part 1 and part 2). I wanted to spend the last half of our trip here so we could just relax and escape the hustle of the larger cities. Tulum is a design nerd's dream. Every restaurant, hotel, and shop is artfully done. Four days wasn't nearly enough time to explore every nook and cranny, but it was the perfect way to end our vacation.

Where to Stay:
- We stayed at Coco Tulum, where we had our own little beachside bungalow. Amenities are pretty sparse (but who needs amenities when you have the beach outside your door), and the bathrooms are communal, so if sharing a bathroom is not your thing, you should probably look elsewhere.
- I looked into staying at Coqui Coqui, a perfumery/small boutique hotel, but they were unfortunately booked. The design of the space is minimalistic and beautiful, so be sure to check out the property and perfumery even if you decide not to stay here.

Where to Eat:
- Everywhere! Seriously, all the restaurants we ate at were amazing. Fresh food, homemade cocktails. incredible ambiance - you really can't go wrong in Tulum.
- That being said, our favorite place for drinks was at ARCA and our favorite meal was the Argentinian steakhouse, Casa Banana.
- If you're looking to be on the beach, we had a great experience at Las Estrellas, which was a short walk down the beach from our hotel.
- Posada Margherita was an amazing beachside breakfast spot. Fresh juice is pretty easy to find in Tulum, but the portions were massive here.
- Hartwood is the restaurant that we repeatedly read about. Every single review said to go here. But unless you show up before they open their doors, you won't get a reservation. Honestly, with all the other incredible meals we had, I don't really feel like we missed out.

What to Do:
- Nothing. Not to say there isn't plenty to do - everything from kite surfer to exploring the ruins and cenotes, but we enjoyed having no agenda or schedule. We played a lot of cards, walked the beach, and ate fantastic meals.
- If you are hoping to be more active, check out the Tulum ruins, which are cliffside and overlooking the coast.
- The Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve is just south of Tulum and great for bird watching, kayaking, or generally exploring nature.
- Shop! Like the rest of Tulum. the design of the open air shops in town are on point. The quality of the shopping - although limited - was amazing, but expect to pay more.

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