Spring Trends

The 70s are back with a vengeance and the influences are everywhere this spring. Check out some of my favorite looks this season:

1. Culottes: I've talked about culottes before and I know they have a bad rep. But they remain a hot trend and I am in love with this sleek white pair.
2. Saddlebags: The ultimate cool girl bag, the saddlebag is both practical and chic.
3. Off the Shoulder Tops: As summer approaches, you'll be seeing this silhouette everywhere. Find one wear the sleeves don't overwhelm your shape.
4. Midi Dresses: I'm a huge fan of midi dress trend, which is still going strong from the past several seasons. Carefree and sophisticated, it's easy to look pulled together in this dress.
5. Spring Leather: It's time to lighten up your leather this spring. Trade in your classic black leather for shades of tan, cream, and blush.
6. Block Heels: People seem to have mixed feelings about the block heel, but I am in love. Paired with a flowy midi dress, I feel like a 70s goddess when I wear mine. Plus, they are way more comfortable and practical for pouncing around a city than stilettos.
7. Ear Crawlers: As someone who has considered piercing holes up and down my ears, I love the ear crawler because it gives a similar look of multiple holes but none of the pain.

What trends will you be trying out this season?

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